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The Solution To Slippery When Wet

Slip Solutions of Illinois uses a long-lasting chemical treatment that creates an invisible, sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors and porcelain/enamel bathtubs. Our treatment will not change the appearance of the floor or bathtub. It is not a film or coating so it will never crack, peel, or discolor. Our product has been developed and proven for concrete, quarry tile, Spanish tile, ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, terrazzo, porcelain/enamel, and many other hard mineral surfaces.
Our treatment will increase a surface’s co-efficient of friction by 200-400% when wet. There is no downtime you can use the floor or tub immediately following nonslip treatment.
Slip Solutions of Illinois has been evaluated according to industry standards adopted by the American Society of Testing and Materials (A.S.T.M.). In accordance with A.S.T.M. Procedures C-1028-1894, SURE STEP creates to we create, Tax & Insurance Incentives glazed tile in dry and wet conditions.
A static anti-slip coefficient of friction of .50 or above is considered a safe walkway surface with a dry condition.

The Dangers of Slip and Falls

Having nonslip floors is no longer optional. Slippery floors are a liability business owners can no longer ignore. Protect your business from liability and lower your insurance premiums while increasing your revenue and productivity!


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Why Choose Slip Solutions of Illinois?

Highest COF Test Rating

Our treatment has achieved the highest dynamic friction results among all competitors by independent testing.

Tax & Insurance Incentives

Treatments can lower insurance premiums significantly and qualify your business for tax credits. We have all the info you need.

No Downtime For Business

We install non-slip treatments to your floors, walkways, and bathtub/showers without any interruption to your home or business. Developed with you in mind.

References & Testimonials

Slip Solutions of Illinois and other distributors across the country have letters and testimonials from major hotel groups, restaurant franchises, professional sports teams, and more upon request.

Certified Walkway Auditing

We provide walkway testing to objectively measure friction level of floors and if they meet standards.

Warranty & Maintenance

We provide a warranty for all work performed and can provide you with a custom warranty and maintenance program to suite your needs for protection.

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  • The average Restaurant has 3-9 slip and Fall accidents each year.
  • Companies in USA spend $30 billion yearly on slip and fall injuries. That’s $3.5 million per hour, every hour every day!
  • Average cost of an employee slip and fall is $20,000.

Slip & Fall Facts

According to the National Safety Council and the CDC


Violation for OSHA | US Department of Labor


Most common cause of lost workday accidents


People hospitalized per year Most with head injury

50 Billion

In medical costs each year for slips and falls


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