Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about our services. I hope they will be helpful.

Common Questions About Floor Treatments

How long will it take to apply the Non-Slip?

As a general rule of thumb, it takes two people two hours to treat one thousand square feet. We apply the chemical during slow times or after business hours so there is no down time.

How long will it last?

We guarantee an increased coefficient of friction for one year. In most cases the treatment will last much longer than one year.

Do I have to use a special cleaner?

No, however, restaurants must use a degreaser to clean their floor because if they don’t, grease will build up over time causing the floor to be slippery. Essentially, if the restaurant does not use a degreaser, in just a short time there will be a build up of grease on the floor and you will be walking on the layers of grease rather that the treated floor.

Will there be any change in the appearance of the floor?

On a very high gloss ceramic tile or marble floor you will notice a slight loss of gloss. But for the most part, there will be no change in the appearance. Generally, we treat the entire area, so there is nothing to compare the treated floor to once the installation is complete.

Will the treatment work in below freezing/hot temperatures?

Yes it will. The outdoor temperature will have no effect on the results of the treatment once completed, although we do not treat the actual surface in below freezing temperatures.

Common Questions About Bathtub Treatments

Do I have to use a special cleaner after the Sure Step treatment?

No, whatever you liked to use before your Non Slip treatment, continue to use afterward. However, harsh abrasives such as a scouring pad should never be used, even on untreated tubs.

How long will it last?

We guarantee an increased coefficient of friction for five years on residential bathtubs and one year on commercial tubs such as hotels/motels, nursing homes and hospitals. We have not added anything to the porcelain or enamel tub itself. The tub now contains an invisible tread design and the Non-Slip chemical solution has been safely washed away.

Will the tub be harder to clean?

No, it will be the same. In the case where people previously were using strips or mats, the cleaning job will be easier after a Non-Slip treatment.

Will there be any reaction to the skin?

No, because there is no chemical remaining on the bathtub. This is not a coating or a sealer. Once the chemical has been applied, it is neutralized and rinsed down the drain. What remains is a quality Non-Slip surface.